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I am finding that more and more I have this passion for “educating” people about their health and wellness.  Not like I am some expert – but it’s a subject of great interest to me and I read a lot on it.  What I am finding out the more I study is we are DAILY bombarded with stuff we have no business putting in our bodies – how‘s that for terrible grammar (it’s not just about buying local or organic anymore…) I am learning that things are not always as they seem (like organic eggs or Toms of Maine toothpaste).  Lately people I love are asking for advice (I even got asked to be a Birth Doula again today!!!)  and that thrills me – cause I LOVE to talk about these things but am pretty aware when people’s eyes glaze over.  🙂
Truth is, it’s pretty scary out there.  And we wonder why we are so dang sick.  So, instead of cramming it into one post, I am just going to share things as I learn them or share things as I am convicted to make changes in and for my own family.  
I do hope you will enjoy.  I do hope you will help me spread the word – and PLEASE let me know if you have something you are well-read on and would like to share too – Guest posts will be welcome.

A Votre Santé
Parisienne Farmgirl