52 Weeks – A New Series!!!

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I am finding that more and more I have this passion for “educating” people about their health and wellness.  Not like I am some expert – but it’s a subject of great interest to me and I read a lot on it.  What I am finding out the more I study is we are DAILY bombarded with stuff we have no business putting in our bodies – how‘s that for terrible grammar (it’s not just about buying local or organic anymore…) I am learning that things are not always as they seem (like organic eggs or Toms of Maine toothpaste).  Lately people I love are asking for advice (I even got asked to be a Birth Doula again today!!!)  and that thrills me – cause I LOVE to talk about these things but am pretty aware when people’s eyes glaze over.  🙂
Truth is, it’s pretty scary out there.  And we wonder why we are so dang sick.  So, instead of cramming it into one post, I am just going to share things as I learn them or share things as I am convicted to make changes in and for my own family.  
I do hope you will enjoy.  I do hope you will help me spread the word – and PLEASE let me know if you have something you are well-read on and would like to share too – Guest posts will be welcome.

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  1. Roller Mill Farms

    This is great! I am right there with you, and the more you know about it the more it feels urgent to talk about it. There is so much myth out there with little fact mixed in that it gets confusing but i try to keep it simple and focus on things that are real… like butter for instance. but oh dear, even that gets complicated.
    I’d love to guest post for the excuse to read up on a particular subject if you’re needing a week off. Looking forward to this series, i feel like what i’ve heard from you so far we are very much on the same page.

  2. Theanne

    if you’re passionate about it Angela I know you’re going to do it and do it well…no matter what it is!

  3. à la parisienne

    For almost a year, my husband and I have been watching every documentary available on Netflix regarding our healthcare, food systems, and agricultural methods (and there are so many more to see not available on Netflix).I have also been doing a little of my own research on these topics. It seems like every aspect of our culture is completely backward, and I find myself questioning everything–even the funeral industry and cancer treatments. Unfortunately, all of these “services” seem like corrupted money makers to me. Maybe I’ve become a little too cynical or paranoid, but you can’t help but raise these questions. I’m tired of walking around with the herd mentality. I’m sure you’re used to the stunned looks people give you when you tell them how you feel about the “normal” way of doing things. I swear in some ways, I’m becoming more like a Christian hippie…minus the drugs and free love, of course.

    Oh, and my husband is totally on board about the home birthing thing…whenever that should be necessary.

    I’m looking forward to reading what you have discovered and how you apply these things to your daily life.


  4. the wild magnolia

    A very giving concept. Reaching out in this way to help, your compassion, and hard work, makes me think of a sacred gift.

    Thank you.

  5. celkalee

    This does sound like a good idea, however, as a healthcare professional I must caution against providing medical advice or any information that may be construed as medical advice unless your qualifications support that. Many well intentioned posts might leave you vulnerable to litigation. Best of luck.

  6. the altered past

    Looking forward to the new series. I’m not expert either but I have learned a lot and I’m looking forward to learning more. We saw a movie, “Food, Inc.” a few years ago. Very eye opening to the truth behind much of our food suppliers. It is on Netflix if anyone is interested in seeing it.

    I always look forward to receiving my Parisienne Farmgirl email in my inbox. Thank you for your blog! God bless!

  7. Noël McNeil

    That’s exciting Angela! Are you familiar with the Weston A. Price organization? (www.westonaprice.org) I think you’d love it!

    I’d love to do a guest post someday. If you’d be interested, let me know. 🙂

  8. Mary

    Very much looking forward to this! I am currently earning my BS in Holistic Health, so I am very interested in what you will have to say!

  9. Jules

    Hi Angela! I think you have a great idea. I am a healthcare professional so I do agree with Celkalee. There is a youtube video you might enjoy. It is a bit lengthy and gets pretty descriptive about the biochemical processes in the body but you are a smart girl and will get the gist. It is called “Sugar, the bitter truth” by Robert Lustig, MD. He works with obese children. Sugar, not fat, is the enemy.


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