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A newer friend and I were discussing deodorant and it’s side effects this morning – apparently she too struggles with “Amazon syndrome” as I call it.  Must be our Eurotrash heritage.  Hahahaha!   I got to thinking about it and thought this would be our next topic in this health series.
What are you doing to prevent breast cancer???
I don’t have a lot of time, but I thought I would quickly (cause the children and garden make up a full time job these days)  rattle off the things I am doing or will do as age requires.  Some of them, I suppose are controversial.  
1.  Loose the underwire.  
 If and when you can – loose the bra entirely!!!
TMI alert but when I am home I NEVER… repeat  NEVER where a bra.  Like other things I will mention on this list – I am not impressed with the introduction of the underwire bra into fashion and the similar rise in breast cancer.  Many (more holistic) doctors believe that the constant exposure to the metal up against sensitive breast tissue contributes to cancer, others point out that it is in no way natural to lift the breasts and constrain them the way a bra does, thus not allowing lymphnodes to drain properly.  (This is how breasts get rid of toxins, if you are binding them up all the time… well, you figure it out).  Makes sense – and so it’s good enough for me.  Here are some articles supporting this train of thought.

2.  Cut out metals wherever you can, especially in your deodorant.
Once again the concern is metals in the body and constant application of deodorant full of aluminum has GOT TO GO if you are concerned about BC.  I haven’t ventured into making my own (I know some people swear by it) but I do use LaVanilla from Sephora.  It does actually work and doesn’t make “it worse” like Toms of Maine (that stuff sucks).  I told you, I am a bit of an Amazon so I do reapply if needed.  Remember, lots of beauty products contain aluminum – read your labels… don’t forget to cut out parabens when you can too!!!  Articles here…
3.  I’ve said it before.  I’ll say it again.  GET OFF THE PILL.   Click here for the first installment of this series.
4.  Enough with the hormones in meats and dairy.  I’ll see, after I write these next sentences if I can find some proof but common sense says to me that you can’t eat meat and dairy all day long (THREE GLASSES OF MILK A DAY??? YIKES!!!!) that is PUMPED full of bovine growth hormones and expect it to not build up in your body.  Why in the world do you think little nine year old girls get their periods these days???  Think about it.
5.  And here is where I know I can really offend.  It is a sensitive subject and often people are offended by an alternative point of view.   
Avoid Mammography.  Oh, I can hear you yelling at me from here.  But humor me for a moment:  You may not know it, you may have never considered it but you are exposed to radiation ALL DAY LONG.  Wi-Fi, cell phones, cell phone towers, microwaves, dentist exams, your alarm clock by your night stand, hair dryers, routine ultra-sounds (for those of you using a conventional OBGYN) and the dreaded smart meter attached the side of your house (which, you have the right to refuse). 
 YES, there are women who are prone to breast cancer — many say they especially should avoid radiation.  I’ve been reading on this for over a decade and YES, lives have been saved via mammography  (I know personally and have heard of plenty of friends of friends who have detected cancer with mammography) but it DOES have it’s downsides and it’s worth looking into.  I will post articles below.  When the time comes, mammography will not be the right choice for me and I will opt for the much safer and reportedly more accurate Thermography.
(You know me and following the money trail… but if you start to read up on traditional breast cancer prevention/treatment… the money trail starts to look a bit suspicious.)  
So, what’s your story?  We ALL know someone lost, suffering or scared of breast cancer.  Are you taking preventative measures or waiting to be a statistic?  I am curious.  I know my methods are a bit unconventional.  I want nothing to do with pink ribbons.  I read once that a breast cancer survivor is someone who lives an additional 5 years.  That is horrible.  We ladies should be doing whatever we can to THRIVE, not just survive.  I am all for learning as much as I can and doing whatever it takes… how about you?
Here are some articles along the same lines (and more expansive) as this list).
Many blessings.  
Here’s to your health.
Parisienne Farmgirl