50 Things I Love About You.

1. Your laugh.
2. Your son Ben.
3. Your daughter Melissa.
4. Your cozy little house.
5. Your obsession with Christmas music.
6. The way you yell at your dog.
7. Your meatballs. (OK, that one was Joels, I don’t like meatballs.)
8. Your daughter Jennifer.
9. Your Mexican bean dip.
10. Your front porch.
11. Your laid back attitude.
12. Your slightly rebellious attitude.
13. Your husband Mark.
14. The way you say what I am thinking.
15. The way everyone loves you.
16. The fact that you are SO lovable.
17. Your comfort with who you are.
18. Your cereal cabinet.
19. Hearing you laugh with my Mom.
20. The way you come speeding into the campsite on your bike.
21. The fact that you never drive out to the campsite.
22. The way you scope out the campsites in advance for us.
23. Your awesome scrapbooks.
24. That you got me into scrapbooking.
25. That you help me stay a scrapbooking consultant.
26. The way you act after a Margarita.
27. The way you make your kids feel like such a priority.
28. The fact that you truly love to be around your kids.
29. The way you THINK you make the best ‘smore.
30. You are easy to approach.
31. You can talk about multiple subjects.
32. Your Rice Krispy bars.
33. The way you act after a glass of wine.
34. You are easy to be around.
35. Your lack of pretention.
36. Your obsession with reality T.V.
37. Your love of the farm.
38. Your chicken salad with green grapes.
39. Your husbands sense of humor.
40. The fact that you hate Hummers.
41. That you made the Metro your bitch. (Even though I heard you had a rather embarrassing fall “up” it.)
42. The way you critique every ones terrible Christmas decorations.
43. The way you write.
44. The way you love my husband.
45. Your affection towards my baby.
46. Your desire to travel.
47. Your independent love for God.
48. The fact that you stuck it out in your house even with urban sprawl and cocaine dealers.
49. Your ability to tell it like it is.
50. The way I feel when I am with you.



  1. cityfarmer

    She’s not gettin’ older she’s gettin’ wiser, smarter,sassier,and nobody loves her like we love her.Her world is changing and now she gets to play the very important role of mother in law. Annie,you’ll have a new best friend. Oh, no I feel another scrapbook comin’ on.

  2. julee

    AWWWWWWWWW! I was laughing, I was crying, I was laughing, I was crying…get it? I am blessed…oh and I don’t just THINK I make the best ‘smore!


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