Good day to you!

Guess what I did last night???

I hung my first round of Monet tile! Oo la la!

I’m MORE than committed to making this house look like the REAL DEAL; a French Country Farmhouse. We get closer and closer with each project, though I’m sure we have a couple more years to go.

I get asked all the time about giving new homes ‘old world’ charm and I’m happy to tell you it’s more than possible!!! Even if you have an old home, it’s great to know what to do with it to give it those true vibes. While there are countless ways I’ll be sharing with you on and off throughout the year, I wanted to start with five basics and I’m sharing those basics with you in today’s video that is JAM PACKED with design information for you.

How to add old world charm to your home?

Here are 5 Ways:

-Architectural details

-Adding textiles

-Selective lighting

-Curated wall surfaces &

-Beautiful floor coverings

Did I mention how jam-packed and helpful this video is going to be?


I’ll get you up to date on the kitchen floor project, and then we’re diving into this podcast-style talk about your home and exactly how to source and incorporate these ideas. You’re going to LOVE it.