What’s worse?

A kitchen that looks like your life, lunch and laundry and everything in between exploded all over it (never mind the rest of the house)?
Or a phone call during the life, lunch, laundry (and I forgot to mention two naked children in the kitchen sink getting their baths, toes and fingernails cut and bangs trimmed) from a fellow blogger saying she was in the area and could we meet?
Hmmmm, let me guess.
Follow me here.
See, Mom and a friend had a big sale this weekend at this friends farmhouse about 12 minutes from here. And a fellow blogger was coming to Kankakee which is a good, good hike but we had talked about meeting since she would be within 100 miles-ish. I thought, if anything we would be meeting at the sale Friday night, I never saw her so I figured, understandably so, that two hours to come to a “sale” might be a bit much. Chicagoland traffic-n-all.
I get this call all the time from a weird number with and “8” in it. A few times between Friday night and Saturday morning I got a call from a number with that familiar “8” so – like a dumb butt, I ignored it.
Until JOEL’S phone rang Saturday during the life, laundry and lunch – it was my Mom, “_______ is here! (at the sale) and she wants you to pop on over!” Then it dawned on me, the similarity between the stalker, weird phone call number and this bloggers phone number!!!
What? No make up, still in pj’s, trimming little toe nails and twenty minutes before naptime, life, lunch and laundry to be done, with hubby in the middle of a carpentry project – But what are you gonna say, “Sorry, babe. Next time?” I think not. So, I invited _____ and her gang over to the Parisienne Farmhouse. Hung up the phone and was like Cinderella on steroids! You never saw my gimpy, pregnant hips move so fast.
Hubby was ordered to put down the saw, homemade pizza mess cleaned up, kids we herded off to bed, hairs and toe nails cleaned up, bra and mascara put on, kitchen floor crud mopped, hmmm, ceiling fan blades are filthy with no time to clean them so turn it on (you can’t see the dirt when it’s going round and round), everyone’s sheets were in the dryer so the beds had to get made…
All this for who you ask?
Why, the ever conservative, farm living, food growing, Congress calling, hilarious, NASCAR and Junior lovin’…JONI FROM OLD CENTENNIAL FARMHOUSE!!!!!
Oh my gosh, thankfully they first stopped for lunch or all my dirty secrets would have been known (as if they aren’t now that I have told you why a stye my house was on Saturday afternoon!). I directed them into town and stood out in the driveway to wave them in – it was Joni, her darling sister Mary with the cool jeans, let’s see, I believe her sister’s two daughters and a friend! And let me tell you something – not only is Joni my kind of blogger – I could hang out with her all day! What a doll! She is JUST like she is on her blog and better! The chickens latched on to her right away, Aidan took her hand and in the most darling fashion gave her a tour of the house room by room, his legos and other creations and Amélie let her hold her like she was her Aunt or something!

L-R, Joni, Amélie, Moi, Aidan & Mary

When you come to my town you HAVE to visit at least one resale shop (we have so many) so, I call my friend who was getting ready to close up for the day and said we were coming over with a car load. It was fun and she had good stuff too! I hope Joni posts some of her finds.
Our visit was short and sweet but I must say, it was so wonderful to meet her, her sister (who I found out is a lurker on the P.F.) and the girls! So, here is the rule, no matter how crazy it is, or what I am in the middle of, I love impromptu guests from near or far – so Bloggerbeans, if you are in the area, have a layover at O’Hare or Milwaukee and would like to come over for a meal, cup of coffee or trip to a local resale shop – PLEASE let me know!!!!!! I have had the honor and meeting Homemaker Ang, Anne Marie and Joni of Old Centennial and…I would love to meet you too!