WOW.  I have been non stop since my last post and am enjoying sitting DOWN for a few minutes right now.  

I had a 1st Communion shoot this past weekend and another bridal show.  I really hope this photography biz kicks in to high gear in the next 6 months.  Have you seen my new website???
Aside from that I have simply been in the mud and am in WAY over my head with my loftly ambitions for mon jardin.  We put in a flagstone terrace when we first bought the house and when I dug the hole for it I made two huge piles of dirt that I turned into raised beds.  They are right up against the back of the garage.  Well, I hate them.  All they do is wash mud all over the place and they are full of weeds and take up precious space that could be used for outdoor living space.  SOoooooooo, I am attempting to dig them out.  And dig, and dig, and dig and dig…I don’t think we can afford flagstone this year but will find some contentment with a load of gravel just to cover the mess we have out there.  ‘Throw one of those hideous but life-saving kiddy pools over that area and some pots of annuals and hopefully it won’t look too awful!
Before this latest muddy endevor hubby and I (on Friday) lifted out each and every stone in the potager and re-positioned them.  They had sunk down over the last few years.  We laid down weed barrier because last year the weeds in my pea gravel paths were so bad and “Round Up” and “Organic Gardening” kind of contradict each other now don’t they?  But, now I need a whole dump of pea gravel…$ $ $ $ $.  And this is what I was not looking forward to – gardening without a pickup truck. 🙁  After that project my back and calves were aching but some planting did get done…
The radishes are in, lettuces are in – in what are hopefully delightful little patterns of bon vivant blend, romaine, musclin and frisée!  Move over Le Notre!    HA!…not.  My garlics are lined up in little rows and  better late than never my leeks are peaking out of the dirt!  How exciting!!!!  Oh, and I have about 350 out of 600 onions in!  (No, I don’t have THAT much space but do borrow space in a neighbors large back yard around the corner – as if I didn’t have enough work to do!)
My toes have a nice dose of hot pink covering the dirt and I have not styled my hair since Saturday!  I am thinking about having a T-shirt made that says, “I may look like crap but my garden looks great!”  Don’t you think I could sell those???
But my garden doesn’t look great.  I lost about 20 boxwoods and a few roses this winter.  I should sue Al Gore for damages.  I thought we had a “climate crises” but apparently I didn’t mulch enough for these Chicago winters!  Every spring it looks so horrible and it is hard to believe it will ever be lovely again.  As I am waiting for that beauty I hope I can manage to get his project done so when it finally arrives I can sit back and enjoy it!

The “new and improved…almost” Potater.

Got dirt?  How long do you think it will take me to move all that?  And where the heck am I going to put it all????

Another view, my lovely rust wheel barrow and the raised beds on the right that I am attempting to eliminate.

And last but not least, the most beautiful flower in my garden.  My little gardening buddy.