15 Minutes of Nothing

Sep 17, 2006 | Simply Ang | 3 comments

So no, I didn’t audition. Look, I went down there (two hours and forty five minutes of Chicago rush hour traffic!!!!!!!) and I sat in the lot for awhile. There were about 4-500 people in line, they were hootin’ and hollarin’ and I wondered, “Is this really my scene?” I am NOT a hooter and hollarer.

Then skinny little things with their ass-cheeks hanging out of their skirts started getting in line ( I was in line at this point) and they were “like”, “Like what are you singing?”


I continued on inside. Turns out, it was an open audition. (Meaning everyone can watch) ok, no problem. But the I realized that what I was really looking forward to the most (hearing feedback from the judges) was not happening.

“Ok, thanks. Next.” Was the extent of their comments.

And it turned out that call backs would be posted throughout the day. So I would have had to stay all day, and as much as I would enjoy the chance at a record contract I am just NOT a crowd, make small talk with people I dont know person. I don’t like “team” environments. Unless I am with my family or BEST girlfriends, I would rather be alone or observe from a corner.

Sidebar: In high school by the way, this character trait/defect branded me with the label, “stuck up.” Hardly. I just only like to talk to people I really, really know.

So…then I asked a staff person (since the contract was very hard to make out concerning this topic) “Would I have to relocate to Nashville for 3 months or just be available to make it there for filming a couple days a week?”

I would have had to move AND live in a house with the other contestants.

Yeah. Right.

Here is the thing. I am so decisive it is scary. The minute I flounder in a decision. (And I was floundering days before I simply would not confess it!)…the minute I flounder, I should know by now, after 31 years that I should go with my gut. I would LOVE to sing for a living but quite frankly I am not willing to giving up baby making and my cozy home right now to pursue it in the way “Nashville Star” would have wanted me to should I have made it to the finals.

Now you can all stop bugging me. Hehehehe.


  1. Amanda

    So sorry to BUG you!

  2. Amanda

    You know we only care….we know you have a wonderful voice, just use it to sing to your babies for now. They’re a good audience.

  3. Faith

    It wan’t meant to be then. But God gives us the desires of our heart, so I know he will provide you with another outlet in which to use the incredible talent he has blessed you with.

    Making babies? Are you guys working on the next one? How exciting!!! I love you.



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