I wish I would have had the forethought to title my entries thus far. I would have titled the first one, “SEVEN DEADLY SINS.” and the second, “THE THREE C’S”. As you can tell my today’s title I am on some sort of a numeric theme this week.
What a lovely day I had with my little darling. Sometimes I think he is the most kissed baby in the world so this morning I did a little experiment. I counted how many kisses he got from me before his first nap and sticking to my normal amount of affection I came up with one hundred and thirty five. Could it ever be enough?
I am so privileged to be Aidan’s Momma. I always became so frustrated when I was pregnant and people would say, “See what you have to look forward to!” (Of course they only said this at a moment when their kid needed to be hauled off to more than the “naughty chair.”) Now don’t get me wrong I am sure we are going to have our “Board of Education” moments in this house. But I think verbal frustration should proceed with caution.
God is very clear about children. He says, “Let the little children come to me.” and “Children are a blessing.” To say the contrary is a slippery slope for me. I know once I start saying something I am prone to start believing it and once I start believing something I am prone to start acting on it. The tongue is after all a rudder that directs our life. Joel and I committed to each other that we would adhere to this way of thinking, believing and acting long before I became pregnant. And seeing your little one hooked up to heart monitors and for a few horrible brief moments in time thinking that you are going to have to pick out a baby size casket will drive the point home into your heart that children are a blessing.
If I find myself exasperated at “nap time training” or not having the time to work out or garden that I used to I have to take a step back and ask myself, “What in the world is more important than parenting Aidan right now.” I am not suggesting setting unhealthy boundaries for myself or anyone else. I just need to remind myself to take a deep breath and enjoy the blessing in his cute little white pajamas that God has put before me. Before I know it he will be pledging his love to another woman but for now I will shoot for a minimum of 135 kisses before his a.m. nap.