A $110.40 Birthday Party – Juliette a Deux Ans!!!

Feb 18, 2012 | Full Time Family, Parisienne Farmgirl Entertains | 16 comments

Too many weeks have gone by since my Hoolie turned two, but it was more about savoring the moment than hopping on the blog the moment it was over.
She is so precious I can’t stand it.
She too wanted a Tink Bell party.
Hmmm… just a couple weeks after Christmas and her big sisters party… how to do it on a budget?
Let’s begin with the cake.
Homemade by her wanna-be cake decorating Momma.
One of my tricks for a budget  birthday party is printable coupons for Michaels Art and Crafts.  If you google “printable Michaels Coupon” within a few clicks you will find a printable 40% off coupon.  I’ll go to this store four days in a row if I have to to save 40%!  I got her cake pan, regular price $13.00 for $7.50.  I had everything else except the peach food coloring for her face.  So let’s call the cake $10.00!
Tinkerbell plates, napkins, tiara (my girls gotta have tiara!) and hanging decor…
$19.00 – Party City
Flowers –
I bought the multi colored roses at the local grocery store.  They usually aren’t the nicest and I am sort of ornery you know so I stand there and pull out the dodgy ones and replace them with better ones from other bouquets – I figure this is my right and that it’s unacceptable for a store to sell roses with brown edges.  Humpf.  $10.00 
The other yellow roses someone brought over earlier in the week.  They were almost dead so I cut them very short and put them in the wine glasses with these darling, very Tinkerbell-esque glitter floral accessories from Michaels.  Found them on the Christmas clearance pile.  $.07 each!!!  Total $.40
Wrapping paper and ribbon.  Loved the color.  Bright and cheery and Tinkerish.
$1.00 bin at Michaels.
As you can see, I also used the paper as the runner on the table and simply taped it tight underneath.  I love the look.
Forget paying a fortune for balloons… and what child isn’t elated by a room full of balloons?  Hit the dollar store ladies.  For her Tinkerbell look we chose silver, green and butterflies.  One dozen.  $12.00

Your kids, my kids… kids don’t need as much as we are tempted to spoil them with and I think it’s important to make sure we aren’t buying them too much for how it makes us feel.  In our home we are all about Melissa and Doug toys.  Available at Michaels too.  You guessed.  We printed two coupons that day and tag teamed.  Hubby ran in and then I did!
Melissa and Doug toys are creative and well made.  
Gift total with discount about $25.00!!!
For dinner we had Juliette’s favorite spaghetti with her Momma’s sauce.
Cost to feed six adults and three children
$30 Including Wine
My Sweet Hoolie – how can you be two already???
My Tiny Tink.
I love you so much.

Now you’re my whole life,
Now you’re my whole world,
I just can’t believe, the way I feel about you girl,
Juliette Élisabeth,
Stronger than it’s ever been,
We’ve come so far since that day,
And I thought I loved you then.*
Each of my children has their own song. 
 A popular song customized by adding their name. 
 This is the chorus to Brad Paisley’s song, “Then”.


  1. Priscilla

    What a wonderfully extravagant party. (cost is irrelevant) Nothing is too good for your precious babies.
    You are so clever to make such a wonderful party without breaking the bank.
    Your little ones are most fortunate to have such a thoughtful and affectionate and papa.

  2. Theanne

    beautiful…my Mom was a budget meister too, she could throw a great party and spend so frugally it was awesome! I love Melissa and Doug for the grandkids…except the granddog has a penchant for wood!

  3. Mandy

    she is precious! and i love that for as ‘posh’ as you are, you’ll still take pics and post your kids with spaghetti faces! melissa and doug are great toys:)

  4. Sush

    What a sweet party for a darling bebe! I have a tip on how to refresh droopy roses. Lie them flat after recutting the stems in a pan of cold water. In a few hours they should be looking good as new! I used to work in a florist for a bit and this is tip we’d pass along…!
    Love those coupons…and I get tiaras not fancy ones but covered in sequins for my gandbebes at the dollar store for yep…a dollar!

    Love how you choose a song for each child…you are a wonderful Mom!

  5. Splenderosa

    Just so lovely, Angela. You & the children too….

  6. Anonymous

    well,after wiping the tears streaming down my face i tend to be at a loss for REAL words to say, besides the obvious like what a wonderful mom, amazing and all that!! BUT!!!theres so much more that needs to be said here. i am a widowed childless 55 yr old woman who stands amazed that ur not on every cover of every magazine dealing with women, moms females u get the point. with all u do in ur home and the emagazine of which i believe i was the first subscriber how completely wonderful that ur priorities would be to make that 2 yr old little girls dream come true. im sure all the acollades r meaningless when ur life is so full but from my perspective u prove that once again a woman can and usually does get the job done and from a woman so far away, and only knows u threw the typed word u have restored my faith in humanity and i only wish there were millions of moms like u what a world this would be! this is getting wordy and im starting to cry again,i hope i got my point across YOU ARE THE BOMB!!!! i nonimate parisian farmgirl for president!!!!i admire you so very much!!! susan…..friday.allen@gmail.com i won’t even tackle doing a blog and ur tackling the world,daily

  7. Cottage 1945

    Very pretty. I love the idea of using wrapping paper as a table runner. I don’t blame you one bit about picking through the roses, I have done the same thing.

  8. Leslie

    So sweet! I remember when I used to have these parties for my kids when they were young{sigh} – where does the time go?! Enjoy every minute. Those pictures are priceless and you can never take enough. New follower and enjoying your blog. I’m visiting Paris for the first time in June and need all the tips I can get. Thought subscribing to your blog would help get me in the mood 😉 xx leslie

  9. lissy parker

    sonBeautiful, colorful and charming party! You always inspire me!
    xo, lissy parker

  10. It's me

    What a sweetie……love Ria…xxx..

  11. Heather's Blog-o-rama

    Happy 2nd birthday to your precious little girl 🙂 🙂 What a great party and a super savings too on everything 🙂 🙂 Have a great weekend. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂

  12. Fairfield House

    What a magical birthday you created! Juliette is beautiful. My “baby” is nicknamed Tink!

  13. Julie

    Beautiful party, with great ideas. I, too, pick through the flowers to get the best ones.

    A happy belated birthday to Sweet Hoolie, from another Hoolie.

  14. Amy @ Homestead Revival

    Well done, Andrea! Sophisticated and yet it looks enchanting for a sweet two year old. And can I just say that I love how you dress up for holidays and birthdays!! Growing up in the south, we dressed up a lot. I find that living in CA, it’s unheard of! I miss that. When you dress up, it makes the occasion seem so much more special and “set apart” from the every day.
    Happy birthday to your little one!

  15. Amy @ Homestead Revival

    Did I just call you Andrea????? Forgive me!! I know better, Angela! (I couldn’t get two of my own daughters names straight today either!!)


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