style="text-align: center;">I’ll never forget the exact moment four years ago when I knew I “had” to live on a farm.
Winter was winding down and the day was pleasant- We bundled the kids and went outside to let them play in the soggy grass out back by our potager (back when we had a small yard– before the potager expansion). Typically, at that time of year my gardeners heart surges with joy but as I sat back there all I could think was, “This is not enough.” Not a very “content” thought, I know.
But, I looked over at Joel and I could tell, he felt it too.
Why we had never pursued our own farm before is really beyond us. We can’t figure it out. I come from a family of farmers and Joel and I both have a very distinct “love of land.” But nonetheless, that is the day that we began to talk about making it a reality.
In eleven days we get the keys.
I can hardly stand it.
A little over 3 acres.
Not much.
But so much more.
Half Way Farm.
(a-mi chemin ferme… or is it la ferme a mi-chemin?) Can someone who really knows help me with this — I don’t trust myself or google translate. I always second guess myself with the order of the words, especially an expression like this that starts with “a”) 
If it’s wrong, I will change it…
But I put this together cause I am so excited.
“Half Way” because we won’t be here forever. More on that some other time…
In 2013 we are going to raise chickens for meat & eggs (blue, brown and chocolate), keep bees… for our own honey! Grow vegetables, sunflowers and other flowers for bouquets and in the fall we will have Cinderella pumpkins. Our farm is just outside a very popular antique town so the kids and I hope to put out a sign and sell our goodies (and maybe some French inspired restyled antiques) on a little farm stand.
The place is so gross. We have SO much work to do before we move it. When we get the keys on the 15th I am bring my video camera so I can give you a tour.
I can’t believe this is happening….