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10 Things I Have a Love/Hate Relationship With…

1. Orpah.
2. Money.
3. The bathroom scale.
4. Driving.
5. My hair.
6. Madonna.
7. Bees.
8. Carry out.
9. Naptime.
10. Sweatpants.

I could add humanity in general to that list after this afternoon. It is so incredibly beautiful out today and it seems that I have been spending more and more time indoors (which is not like me to do.) I am stumped with what direction to go with my garden so I haven’t been out there like I should and running in the morning hasn’t been working. I was taking Aidan out at nap time but then when I would get back from my run he would wake up once the jiggling of the stroller had stopped. Well, that only makes a 30 minute or so nap and he just wont have anything to do with falling asleep again…Anyways, today beckoned for a walk. How could I resist?
There are few sounds as beautiful as the leaves crunching underneath your feet. Aidan and I walked over to the park. We sat on a swing together and then crossed Route 31 to stroll in the cemetery. I pretended I was in Paris. There you can literally escape in the cemeteries. The leaves crunch, the birds sing and only if you walk near the perimeter can you hear the crazy Parisian traffic. That kind of happened today. The roar of semi’s and SUV was almost tuned out and Aidan and I enjoyed the quiet air and vibrant trees of yellow, orange and red. He is a most observant little baby and his eyes were darting back and forth as he tried to take it all it. It was a beautiful mother and child moment…Until we tried to cross back over 31 to go home.
I stood there with him for THIRTEEN MINUTES waiting to cross the street. Time after time I could have crossed if some gracious soul would have just slowed down or GONE THE SPEED LIMIT for that matter. I did pretty well the first five minutes but then I began to get so mad. These people were actually making eye contact with me as they sped by…Thanks for nothing. What calls for chivalry and graciousness more then a mother with a carriage? Perhaps only a wheelchair but I think I could have been blind, in a wheelchair pushing a baby in the pouring rain and nobody would have cared.
I wanted to scream. I wanted to have a Truman moment and step out into traffic with both arms out while a cool soundtrack played over life’s loudspeakers. I wanted to get a flamethrower and waste them all. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!
Then after 13 minutes I looked left, I looked right and it looked like Paris on a Sunday morning. Empty. Thank you God!
A simple little encounter that lessened my faith in humanity and strengthened my faith in God. (My faith in myself was obviously a little rattled too – I was fit to be tied by the time we crossed the street.)
Aidan is now down for another nap after ALL the fresh air. I’ll quick clean up before the evening begins. I think I will add one of those big Crossing Guard hand held STOP signs to my Christmas list. Can’t you just see me out there with that thing?

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  1. julee

    I’ll add one of mine to your list…Oprah! 🙂 I always miss Paris in the fall. I will pretend I’m there on Thanksgiving Day at your lovely villa.


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