How has six years gone by?

In just a few weeks, we will celebrate SIX years of living here in Door County in our Everyday Château. It didn’t feel very “château” when we moved in: ancient appliances, rough cedar paneling, 40-year-old carpeting everywhere, cracked fiberglass bathtubs, and terrifying light fixtures, and that was just the beginning.

Six years later, we’re not done remodeling (we keep a terribly slow pace), but the house is stylish and very liveable between the projects. There are textiles and textures, curated nooks and crannies, faux brick, houseplants, and TONS of artwork. It’s cluttered and unbelievably cozy. You’re never two feet from something lovely (or a Lego or Nurf bullet.)

I try to share progress and stylings four times a year with a seasonal house tour, and I’ll confess, the Christmas one is my favorite. They take SO LONG to film that the sun ends up going down mid-film, and the house is dimly lit, cozy, and just plain magical; a totally different feel than our other tours during the year.

This year, I scaled back some of my trimmings simply because they were old and gross, but the house is festive nonetheless, and I’m thrilled to share this tour with you.

Since, on MY end, it can feel a little old, like I’m doing the same thing all the time, I’m having some fun this year with a scavenger/treasure hunt for you. Be the first person to get all 25 treasures correct and win a $50 gift card to my shop! (new items are being added this weekend!). Simply email your answers 1-25 with a timestamp for each item. Here’s your hunting list. (all treasures are in order as to when they appear in the video; some are written more like a clue than literal):

1. Dale Junior le petit

2. The Pantheon

3. The hammer I forgot to put away

4. Minecraft Bumblebee

5. Liberty Leading the People

6. Three Graces

7. Me inviting you to Paris

8. A nosegay for the Princess

9. New Versailles floor plans

10. Jeanne d’Arc

11. Marie Antoinette’s monogram

12. Vintage Guerlain lipstick

13. Pride and Prejudice au français

14. Birdhouse made by a child

15. Fuchsia overwintered

16. “Monet’s tile”

17. Distress flags

18. Paint cans we forgot to put away

19. Laura Ashely Regatta attire

20. Nefertiti on a thumb

21. Old Paris(ien) newspaper

22. Salesman sample violin

23. Our mini family

24. “Rhett” and “Scarlet”

25. Julia Child’s supply house

Happy Hunting!