OK, so it’s really Fifi’s press and not mine.  
But one day my uncle contacted me while sitting on the beach in Chicago, perusing a magazine, “Your house is in Chicago Home and Garden!”
Fifi’s book is getting SO MUCH press this year – it’s amazing and every time they use a photo of my house I get giddy!
Kind of fun that it’s a hometown publication this time… Mine is just the little photo in the lower left corner, just above this text.  
 Candlesticks circa 1915 featuring the Holy Family, from a church in Paris, a footstool decked out in moss and cloche, two Italian nativity lambs from the thrift shop around the corner and I am really proud of my blue homemade trumeau.  
More “As Featured In”‘s coming…  You won’t believe it!
Birth story almost written too!  
Back to kissing babes!!!

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