Lego My Legos

Spent a little time on Amélie’s bedroom floor yesterday.

“Lego Friends Time”

This is still a Lego house – 
Still pretty proud of that!
Aidan and I had SO much fun.
Other kids watch TV for hours a day.
I would say my kids play legos an average of two to three hours a day.  They NEVER tire of them.  They never open a gift and sigh, “Oh, another box of Legos.”  When we thrift or garage sale we have a “no lego left behind” motto.  Those old ones rock.
Aidan dreams of working for the company someday.
Of course he is not content to just play them.  They have to come alive with speaker wire, nine volt batteries and taken apart Christmas lights.  He’s all about giving his towns power and his vehicles and aircraft spinning, moving, parts and engines.    

Well here’s what happens when you give Momma a box of “Lego Friends” to play with.

You get a little cottage and a potager of course!

Lego my Legos.


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    Proud to say my daughter is the same way. She loves her Legos. Unfortunately, my feet in the middle of the night don’t. As mush as we try to keep them contained to one area, they manage to escape.


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    Love this post. Creative children grow up to be creative adults. What most people see as play time, is actually brains working, and figuring things out. I wish more parents would turn the tv off and play with their children. Way to go Mom!!!

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    Legos give you a window into the future…me and my brother played with them constantly. I mostly built houses…and I designed a Barbie house that my dad built, and then I spent all my time wiring it for lights & working on a plumbing system for running water. I’m an engineer now. 😉 There is a clue to how a kid thinks in the way that they use/play with their toys!
    My brother mostly built boats with his legos – and now he owns a boat dealership.
    Your Aidan sounds like maybe a civil engineer in the making lol

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