Feelin’ Old?

Forget the Brazilian Butt Lift…
Run, don’t walk to Sephora for the Brazilian Peel.
I just tried a sample that the girly at Sephora gave me last night.  
My skin is like SATIN!!!   Like glass!  
I’ve GOT to budget this product into the beauty routine!!!


Just what I needed as me -n- all the girls in my family are getting gussied up for a big wedding this weekend!


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    A cheaper and equally effective way to get a peel along the lines of the Sephora Brazilian peel is to buy the very inexpensive (under $20) bottles of glycol, lactic, or salicylic acid peels from Amazon.com. They are fantastic. I’ve been alternating between the salicylic acid and the lactic acid all summer long, and the improvement in my (already quite good) skin has been incredible. The Amazon acids are the same things you pay $200+ dollars for (per treatment) in the dermatologist’s office. Extremely easy to use, and easy on the budget. There are a jillion reviews on Amazon, most of them extremely positive. Give it a go, and good luck with them!

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